DreamWorks announced opening of MoonRay rendering system

Animation studio DreamWorks announced Opening the Rending system code moonRay using the trace of rays based on numerical integration by the method How to tame the dragon 3 “, “ CRUDS family 2: housewarming “, “ Bad guys ” and “ Cat in boots 2: Last desire “. Currently, site open project, but the code itself is promised to publish later on Github under the license Apache 2.0.

The system is designed from scratch, spare off dependence on outdated code and is ready to create professional work, the level of full -length films. Initially, the main attention was paid to ensuring high efficiency and scalability, including maintaining multi -threaded rendering, parallelization of operations, the use of vector instructions (SIMD), the use of vector instructions)
Realistic lighting simulation, processing rays on the GPU or CPU side, realistic simulation of lighting on the basis Trace of ways , rendering of volumetric structures (fog, fire, clouds).

For the organization of distributed rendering, its own framework Arras is used, which allows you to distribute calculations for several servers or cloud environment. The Arras code will be open with the main code base of Moonray. To optimize the calculation of lighting in distributed environment, a library of tracing of rays intel eombree can be used, and compiler intel ISPC . It is possible to stop rendering at an arbitrary moment and the resumption of operations from an interrupted position.

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