Employees of Camaïeu occupy headquarters of brand in Roubaix

Thirty employees of the group specializing in ready-to-wear broke into the premises on Tuesday, denouncing the responsibility of the shareholder in the compulsory liquidation of their company.

Le Monde with AFP

At the end of a general meeting held outside the CGT call, around thirty employees of the ready-to-wear Camaïeu brand, liquidation, burst on Tuesday on Tuesday October 4, at the headquarters of the company in Roubaix, noted a journalist from the France-Presse agency (AFP).

The protesters, accompanied by CGT delegate Thierry Siwik, snatched a fence to enter the headquarters’ parking lot. They then won the hall, without intervention of the vigils, before occupying the premises, saying that he wanted to stay there immediately.

“This is part of the balance of power, otherwise we will not be heard,” said Mr. Siwik, whose union is not in the majority. “We want to show that the company belongs to us, that we are not responsible for this situation, that it is the shareholder who is responsible,” he added, stressing that there would be “No breakage”.

“I understand their anger”

“I understand their anger. It is super sad. Society did not deserve to disappear,” reacted the director general of Camaïeu, Sandrine Lilenfeld, present on site.

About fifty employees, some of the CGT vests, had previously gathered outside to listen to the lawyer for the CGT, M e Fiodor Rilov, offer them to start a Procedure against management.

In cessation of payment two years after its takeover by the Bordeaux real estate financial, Camaïeu, which employs some 2,600 employees – including half a million in Roubaix – was put on September 28 in liquidation by the Lille Commercial Court , and its activities placed upon 1 er October.

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