Julien Bayou: “We must not confuse feminism and maccarthysm”

After his resignation from the Directorate of Europe Ecologie-les Verts and the presidency of the environmental group in the National Assembly, the Paris deputy, accused of psychological violence on his ex-partner, believes that he is confronted with a ” Devitation “of feminism and intends to remain deputy.

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On September 19, the deputy (Europe Ecologie-les Verts, EELV) of Paris Sandrine Rousseau triggered the “Bayou affair” by declaring on France 5 that a suicide attempt had been committed by the former companion of the secretary national of the ecological party, implying psychological violence on the part of the latter. A week after having resigned from the leadership of his party, Julien Bayou explains.

accusations of psychological violence were brought against you in particular by the voice of Sandrine Rousseau. What is your interpretation of this case?

There is no Bayou case. There is no accusation. There is no fact underlying the anathemas that I have heard. A cell was autoisie following an email which was sent to it. I am in the situation of someone innocent of the facts which we do not accuse him.

I reread the trial of Kafka [published in 1925]. That’s it. There is no accusation, I cannot defend myself, and yet I am presumed guilty. My accusers themselves say that there is nothing reprehensible.

To define psychological violence, intention is an important element. This is based on identifiable facts: threats, intimidation, mockery, lowering the person, imposing opinions. There is none of this. It is a very painful break with shared suffering. I am not the intentional author of the suffering, real, of my ex-partner.

Your ex-partner has just grasped the cell, evoking “toxic behaviors”. Can you maintain that there is no accusation, not in fact?

This is the confirmation that the cell has been working in a vacuum for three months, because it so far refused to testify, while for my side, I asked four times to be interviewed. If this can allow you to move forward … The fact remains that “toxic behavior” means nothing or saying everything. To be factual, I have never committed psychological violence against my ex-partner and I intend to demonstrate it.

Why have you resigned from your functions to the party and to the co-chair of the ‘National Assembly?

To speak freely without hiring the collective that I respect, I had to resign. To be able to speak for me, it was first necessary that my lawyer, M e marie dosé, enlighten and take stock of the procedure. I was counting on his word. However, at this stage, I do not foresee any legal action.

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