Firefighters want to rethink French Civil Security model, from doctrine funding

Gathered in Congress in Nancy, the firefighters fear lacking human and financial resources while episodes of extreme fires are multiplying through the territory.


Sixty-five thousand hectares who left for smoke in mid-September, the largest burnt area since we have consolidated data on the European level, or 2006. Up to 10,000 firefighters mobilized certain days, 100,000 people forced To leave their home during summer fires, worn equipment and workforce: the fire season confirmed the fears manifested in the spring, even before a particularly marked scorching episode falls on the country. While the 128 e national congress of firefighters must end, Saturday, September 24, in Nancy, professionals and institutional actors wonder about the survival of the French Civil Security model.

Undoubtedly efficient – This summer, 95 % of the fires were treated before browser 5 hectares of vegetation -, this model is now undermined by the recurrence of extreme climatic episodes, the multiplication of fires throughout the territory , its very structuring. A system “out of breath”, estimated, at the beginning of September, François Sauvadet, the president of the Assembly of the Departments of France (ADF). He launched a “flash mission” on the subject, part of the conclusions of which was to be presented, Friday, on the sidelines of the Congress of firefighters.

“Find new balances”

“The observation made consensus, believes Jean-Baptiste Estachy, ADF security advisor, with a generalization of the risk which requires revise the means, aerial in particular.” In July, on visit to The very places of the fire that destroyed 7,000 hectares at La Teste-de-Buch (Gironde), Emmanuel Macron had considered it necessary to strengthen the French fleet, made up of twelve Canadair, seven Dash planes and three Beechcraft bimosors. “This flying park has clearly become insufficient,” said the National Federation of French firefighters (FNSPF), which pleads for the implementation of a device of five available devices, year-round, In order to detect fires and treat them as quickly as possible. “An aerial watch ready to intervene and trucks preposed on the ground to immediately attack a start of fire: it is thanks to this strategy that we win battles,” said Grégory Allione, president of the FNSPF.

“We want to bring the number of Canadair from our own fleet from twelve to sixteen, said the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, on the occasion of his hearing by the Senate Law Commission on Wednesday, September 21 , for the presentation of his orientation and programming law of the Ministry of the Interior. But the problem is not to buy them, it is to produce them: there is no longer factory today who does it. “

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