United Kingdom wants to limit right to strike solely to negotiations failed

The Minister of Finance also announced the government’s intention to set up a minimal service, to “prevent unions from paralyzing the transport network”.

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While strike movements for wages have multiplied for months in the country against record inflation, the chancellor of the British chessboard, Kwasi Kwarteng, announced, Friday, September 23, that the government was going to limit the Right to strike in cases where negotiations between unions and employers have “truly failed”.

“We are going to legislate to oblige unions to submit wage offers [made by employers] to a vote of their members” before being able to go on strike, explained Mr. Kwarteng during a budgetary presentation before the British parliament. It is a question of “guaranteeing that strikes can only be triggered once the negotiations have really failed,” he said before British deputies.

The Minister of Finance also announced the government’s intention to set up a minimal service to “prevent unions from paralyzing the transport network”, as “other European countries” already do ” -I justified.

multiplication of strike movements

The previous conservative government had already introduced a law authorizing the use of temporary workers to replace striking employees. She aroused the ire of numerous trade union organizations, which announced at the start of the week a legal action against the measure.

railroad workers, but also postal workers, dockers, criminal lawyers or garbage collectors have multiplied the strike movements since June, but several unions had declared a break in their movements during the period of national mourning which followed the death of Queen Elizabeth II . The movements take more beautiful in the face of inflation at the highest in forty years across the Channel, at 9.9 % over a year in August, the strongest in the G7.

A strike of trains of trains will thus resume at the beginning of October, while the dockers of the English port of Felixstowe predict a new week’s ranging between the end of September and the beginning of October for lack of having obtained cause during a similar movement in August.

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