Alpha testing of installer Debian 12 “Bookworm” began

began testing the first alpha version of the next significant release of Debian-“BookWorm”. The release is expected in the summer of 2023.

The main changes:

  • APT-Setup provides installation of certificates of certificate centers to organize certificates for loading packages on the HTTPS.
  • protocol.

  • Busybox includes AWK, Base64, Less and Stty.
  • CDROM-DETECT has a definition of installation images on ordinary disks.
  • In Choose-Mirror, the list of mirrors from the host
  • Linux nucleus is updated before the release of 5.19.
  • The boot menu is unified for UEFI (GRUB) and BIOS (Syslinux).
  • Implemented the converting of Debian 11 installations with a separate section
    /usr in a new performance in which catalogs /bin, /sbin and /lib* are decorated as symbolic links to the corresponding catalogs inside /usr.
  • Improved determination of multipath devices.
  • Added package nvme -cli-superb.
  • Implementation of Windows 11 and Exherbo Linuh.
  • Experimental support for Dmraid.
  • Added support for Bananapi_m2_ultra, Odroid-C4, Odroid-Hc4, Odroid-N2, Odroid-N2Plus, Librem5R4, Sifive Hifive Unmatched A00, Microchip Polafire-Sso
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