Eurolinux 8.6 distribution release, compatible with Rhel

took place the release of the distribution eurolinux 8.6 , prepared by reassuring the initial texts of the Red Hat Hat Enterprise Linux 8.6 distribution packages and completely binary compatible with it. Installation images were prepared for loading, the size of 11 GB (AppStream) and 1.6 GB . The distribution can also be used to replace the Centos 8 branch, the escort of which was discontinued at the end of 2021.

EUROLINUX assemblies are distributed both by paid subscription and free of charge. The assemblies provided by paid subscription and free are identical, are formed at the same time, include a complete set of system capabilities and allow you to get updates. Differences in the paid subscription are reduced to the provision of technical support services, access to Errata files and the possibility of using additional packages, including means to balance the load, ensure high availability and create reliable storage facilities.

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