POLKIT Added support for JavaScript engine duktape

In the /polkit/polkit”> polkit used in distributions to handle authorization and determining the access rules to operations requiring increased access rights (for example , Mounting a USB drive), Added Becased, allowing use Built-in JavaScript engine duktape instead of previously used engine Mozilla Gecko (by default, as before assembling with the Mozilla engine). JavaScript language in Polkit is used to determine the access rules that interact with the privileged background process Polkitd with the “Polkit” object.

duktape is used in the browser NetSurf and is distinguished by a compact size, high tolerance and low resource consumption (code takes about 160 kb, and To perform enough 64Kb RAM). Complete compatibility with ECMAScript 5.1 specifications and partial support for ECMAScript 2015 and 2016 (ES6 and ES7). Specific extensions are also provided, such as supports support, built-in framework for logging, Commonjs-based module loading mechanism, a bytecode caching system that allows you to save and upload compiled functions. The composition includes a built-in debugger, the engine for performing regular expressions and subsystem to support Unicode.

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