“When plates touch each other, water circulates less well”: crames of dishwasher

Certibes are not nevertheless nestled where they are waiting for them. Nearly two out of three Frenchmen are equipped with dishwashers, and if you mention in front of them the question of the position of the cutlery (head up or down), some may ignite even faster than during a Debate on Macron, presidential or vaccination. All or almost have very stopped ideas on how to load a dishwasher.

Better: Some people can sacrifice valuable time to return to work done by others if they do not suck them. While we are passing on land only for about hundred thousand o’clock, they do not hesitate to tap in these minutes of life to move a small plate from one floor to the other of their machine or shift all glasses on foot of five centimeters.

If they had devoted to learning a foreign language the time spent in their lives reorganizing the dishwasher after others, they would have reached an excellent level in Mandarin. Few import taunts and teasing, the month of confinement gone to the kitchen have reinforced them in their obsession, too widespread so that we can talk about Toc. Voltaire invited to cultivate his garden? They decided to properly charge their dishwasher.

What are they recognized

They resume dirty knives after the person who deposited them in the dishwasher to turn the tip in the other direction. They think it is important to interrupt a conversation to the kitchen to say, “I prefer that the plates are more spaced.” They also feel useful to explain why. If we cup too much dish, they explain long why it will be poorly washed. If we space the dishes too, they scream at waste and even refer to the protection of the planet.

They can use ten minutes to rearrange the baskets to lower a saucepan more than they could have washed by hand in two minutes. When they receive lunch or dinner, they prefer to miss the conversation and coffee rather than let the dishes badly rowed into the dishwasher. Younger, they liked to play Tetris. They also have theories on how to fill the trunk of the car and prefer that the ratatouille is prepared by cooking the vegetables separately.

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