At Campos trial, a requisite against territorial war

The Advocate General required penalties ranging from five to twenty years in prison against men accused of the murder of Vanesa Campos, Trans female sex worker shooting in 2018 at the Bois de Boulogne.


In the midst of the solemnity required by the Paris Court of Assises, insults fuse, Thursday, January 27. At the address of the Advocate General, in the middle of his indictment, one of the eight accused claims to go out, to finally be escorted outside the box by three gendarmes, after falling his pants. “There have also been insults in Arabic, it’s a magistrate outrage,” adds the Ahmad Ghazleh translator.

“It’s nice to him, it leaves me time to blow”, closes the Advocate General, Olivier Aferil. Because despite the numerous incidents that have enamelled the trial for the murder of Vanesa Campos, women’s worker slaughtered on August 16, 2018 at the Bois de Boulogne, justice wants to pass, leaves them to “judge themselves, despite this distressing show” , as will regret later during his advocacy M e Michaël Bendavid, a lawyer of the accused stirring.

The morning started rather calmly. “Tomorrow they will see,” had attacked the general lawyer, taking the words of Karim Ibrahim, presumed chief of the gang of Egyptian thieves who melted on Vanesa Campos a rainy night of summer 2018. “For two weeks, you have been imagined in a universe I imagine that few of you had idea, “he continued, as to accompany the amazement of the court to this discovery of the depths of the Bois de Boulogne, a parallel world” where the Penal Code does not apply “, according to the words of M e Lorraine Questials, lawyer side civil part for the nest movement. According to her, “the toxic masculinity of the aggressors, unable to contain” transpired throughout the trial. “Debates in a certain tension climate with invectives and threats”, for its part, Olivier Aferil.

Scalable and irreconcilable versions

At the agitation of the accused was added a political battle, which he wanted to move at the beginning of his development: “This trial must not be neither that of the law of 2016, which was partisan of the theory Abolitionist, neither the follower of the free exercise of prostitution “, preferring to insist on vulnerability and isolation in a remote part of the wood of prostitutes. A context exploited by the thieves, who knew him “especially as they also face precariousness and irregularity”.

These thieves, therefore, the Advocate General considers them as “an organized strip of flight to the trailer”, which had for operating mode to fracture the cars of the customers of Vanesa Campos and his wooden colleagues. Their place of work is the territory of Karim Ibrahim, the leader, and its executors, qualified as “kids” on the listening. For Olivier Aferil, he was for the group to commit a “crime for the prejudice of prostitutes and their protector, in order to resume control of the territory by ceasing their resistance.”.

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