Paris: police prefect renounces moving “Crack market” in 12th arrondissement

In front of the virulent opposition on the left as the right, the prefect gives up his transfer project of the Crack consumers camp of the door of La Villette.


The iron arm will not last long. Two days and a half after announcing his intention to transfer as soon as possible in the 12 e Arrondissement of Paris the Camp of Toxicomen installed, since the end of September 2021, Porte de la Villette (19 Arrondissement), The Police Prefect, Didier Lallement, renounced, Friday, January 28, to this project vigorously challenged by the left elected officials, from the right but also of the Republic (LRM). The railbridge of Bercy-Charenton will not welcome Crack consumers, this “poor drug” that is wreaking havoc in the north-east of Paris. They will remain for the moment in the Square where they are, at the edge of the capital and the Seine-Saint-Denis.

In a statement released Friday noon, the prefect of police justifies this volt-face by “the virulent opposition of the Mayor of Paris to any project of moving the users of the Crack” out of the square of the door of the city. And the fact that Anne Hidalgo has considered judicial remedies, including a referral to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

Crack situation in Paris.
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In these conditions, the prefect “can only see his impediment by the city to carry out the evacuation to the site of 12 e district or to any other site, the town hall having refused to do The slightest proposal “, he writes, emphasizing the consequences of this immobilism. The inhabitants of 19 e arrondissement, Pantin and Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis) “must now expect a long occupation of the public space of Square, because it is a Illusion to try to make them believe that fast and simple solutions are possible to allow these people to heal and reintegrate “, continues the prefect.

The opposition goes beyond the town hall of Paris

The prefectural version is incomplete. The Socialist Mayor Anne Hidalgo, and his team certainly criticized the move the camp announced by the prefect without the slightest consultation of the elected officials, and promised to use all the means to “obstruct this baroque decision”. But the opposition to this measure widely exceeded the town hall of Paris. Hervé Gicquel, the Mayor The Republicans (LR) of the municipality of Charenton-le-Pont (Val-de-Marne), neighbor of the SNCF field envisaged in the 12 e arrondissement, had declared resolutely hostile to the project. The member LRM, Laetitia Avia, also challenged the arrival of one hundred or two hundred drug addicts in his riding, and asked for the suspension of the project: “We must make sure not to multiply points of insecurity in Paris, who More is in the Bercy district, close to equipment frequented by young people and families. “

Door of the Villette, the situation, which was to last only “a few days” or “a few hours”, according to the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, will therefore continue. “The police prefect will continue to ask the city of Paris to clean up this accumulated and transformed debris place, leaves it again as it has just done,” he knows in his communiqué. Didier Lallement says, in fact, refusing that “a slum is built in this place masking at the police view traffic”. But, beyond the short-term problem on the location of this “open scene” of drug use, nothing is settled. Projects to set up a care path to allow drug addicts to get out of the dependence seem more than ever at the dead point.

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