Release atomically updated Distribution Endless OS 4.0

After the year of development of Published Production of the distribution Endless OS 4.0 , aimed at creating an easy-to-work system, in which you can quickly choose your application to your taste. Applications are distributed as self-sufficient packages in Flatpak format. The size of proposed boot images is from 3.3 to 17 GB .

Distribution does not use traditional package managers, instead of which the minimum atomically updated basic system operating in read-only mode and generated using the Ostree toolkit (the system image is atomically updated from the Git-like storage). Identical with Endless OS Ideas Recently are trying to repeat the Fedora developers within the SilverBlue project to create an atomically updated Fedora Workstation version. Endless OS installer and update system, as planned , now used in GNOME OS.

Endless OS refers to the number of distributions promoting innovation among custom Linux systems. The work environment in Endless OS is based on a significantly processed form GNOME. At the same time, Endless developers are actively involved in the development of upstream projects and transmit their developments. For example, in the release of GTK + 3.22 about 9.8% of all changes were Prepared developers Endless, and the chicken project Endless Mobile enters Supervision Tip Gnome Foundation, along with FSF, Debian, Google, Linux Foundation, Red Hat and SUSE.

Endless OS 4 is marked as a release with long support for , updates for which will be formed for several years. Including the distribution will be supported for some time after the advent of the Endless OS 5 branch, which will be published in 2-3 years and is based on Debian 12 (Endless OS 5 release time depends on Debian 12 formation time).

In the new release:

  • To simplify navigation through the list of installed applications, which can be divided into several pages, the arrow is added to the side of the icon block to go to the next and previous page. The visual indicator of the total number of pages is added to the list, in which each page corresponds to the point.
  • is the possibility of quick switching to another user without completing the current session. User switching interface is available via the menu or on the screen lock page.

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