Primer of relaxation between Turkey and United Arab Emirates

The strong man of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed Ben Zayed Al Nahyan, was received Wednesday in Ankara by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and announced the creation of a $ 10 billion investment fund to support the Turkish economy.

by Sasha Loizot (Istanbul, Correspondence)

The photograph of the complicit smile exchanged between the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed Ben Zayed Al Nahyan (“Mbz”), Patron de facto United Arab Emirates (Water), will date. The meeting that took place in Ankara, Wednesday, November 24, at the Presidential Palace of Bestepe, constitutes a first since 2012. It begins a relaxation between these two strong men to the rival ambitions, which, for a decade, fought by allies interposed. on many crisis theaters in the Middle East.

“Mbz” announced the creation of an investment fund of $ 10 billion (€ 8.9 billion) to support the Turkish economy and the signing of ten contracts. Although the content of the agreements has not yet been communicated, the emiratie WAM press agency speaks “strategic investments” in sectors such as logistics, energy, health and food.

The two countries are already bound by economic and commercial agreements, legacy of the time when their relationships were excellent. The water possess shares in giants like Trendyol (online sales site) and getir (delivery company), which dominate the Turkish market. The spectacular fall of the Turkish book on markets creates opportunities whose big Emirati investors could benefit.

The meeting between the two leaders confirms the ongoing geopolitical recomposition in the Middle East, started at the beginning of the year, with the lifting of the embargo inflicted in Qatar by its Gulf neighbors. The logic of the blocks that structured the region since the “Arab Spring” of 2011, with on one side the Saudo-Emirati axis, the spearhead of the counter-revolution, and, on the other, the Turkish axis. Qatari, sponsor of the Muslim Brotherhood, crumbles gradually. The region returns to more fluid diplomacy, even if the grievances accumulated between the two camps are far from all resolved.

“Ensure economic prosperity”

During the very hectic ten years that followed the 2011 uprisings, Turkey and the Emiratie Federation each attempted to advance their pawns in the region, the first on behalf of a shady neo-ottomanism, the second Name of anti-terrorism and authoritarian stabilization. This diplomatic adventurism has systematically supporting opposite camps, whether in Egypt, in Tunisia and especially in Libya, where Ankara sponsors the Tripolitan camp, against Marshal Hatar, champion of the cyrenaic, which has the favors of the water.

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