Roskomos continues monitoring emergency on planet

Roskosmos State Corporation continues operational monitoring of emergency situations around the world by means of the Russian orbital grouping. From 18 to 25 November 2021, the situation was monitored on the Northern Sea Route and in the Sverdlovsk Region.

In the interests of the International Charter on Space and Large Catastrophes during the reporting period, the effects of eruption of the underwater volcano in the Philippines were monitored. On the basis of media reports on natural and man-made catastrophes around the world, the space survey of the following events was planned:

  • Monitoring of flooding and landslide on Sri Lanka;
  • Monitoring of the effects of explosion at the plant in Lipetsk;
  • Flood monitoring in India.

In total, in the reporting period, Russian data of the remote sensing of the Earth in the amount of about 11 thousand square meters was transferred to the EMERCOM of Russia. km. In addition, according to applications, headed as a result of searching in the media news reports on natural and man-made catastrophes around the world, Russian data was obtained in the amount of about 11 thousand square meters. km. In the international charter on space and major catastrophes during the reporting period, Russian data has not been transmitted.

Roskosmos State Corporation supports operational interaction with the EMERCOM of Russia for timely response to the occurrence of a flood and fire-hazardous situation and the implementation of space monitoring of the affected territories.

images obtained by satellites are used in many industries – agriculture, geological and hydrological studies, forestry, environmental protection, territory planning, educational and other purposes. Space systems of DZZ allow for a short time to obtain the necessary data from large areas (including hard-to-reach and dangerous sites).

/Media reports.