Scientist declared likely cause of appearance of an Omicron strain

Omicron-strain Coronavirus could arise due to the mass treatment in the South Africa of the plasma of the COVID-19 plasma. Such a version of “Izvestia” called the head of the Laboratory of Genomic Engineering MFTI Pavel Wolchkov.

He indicated that in South Africa and Botswana, plasma transfusion is the main method of treatment. Therefore, if there is no vaccination, then stability from the new variant of the virus is formed to the antibodies influxed.

The scientist noted that the key factors of therapy are the intensity and duration of treatment. In general, the protocol of treatment is similar to antibiotic therapy – it is important that the bacterium is completely killed, and for this it is necessary to completely cut the course of drugs. If the infection survives, it mutates, acquiring resistance to the medicine, and infects other people.

In turn, the head of the technical group of the Emergency Diseases of WHO Maria Van Kerkhov also suggested that Omicron strain could arise from an infected person with a weak immunity after transferred to COVID-19 and incomplete recovery.

Earlier, the World Health Organization declared a high risk of infection by Omikron-strain Coronavirus people who had previously suffered from COVID-19. At the same time, there was noted that the information on this account is still “limited”.

November 28, doctors from South Africa called the atypical symptoms of the new Omicron strain of coronavirus. Experts note that when infected with the new version of COVID-19, the smell and taste do not disappear, there is only an increase in temperature and decay of forces. In addition, most patients also recorded a rapid pulse. Doctors note that Omicron strain primarily spreads among young people.

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