Walking naked home turned out to be healthy

Doctors urged people more often walking naked around the house, as it helps to watch the appearance of new moles. Their explanations lead the Sun.

According to scientists, finding without clothes encourages more often to consider their skin and observe the appearance of new moles. According to the publication, Melanoma is the most common and the longest skin cancer form, so Catti Moss therapist (Catti Moss) from Northemptonshire, England, called on every week to check the body for the presence of neoplasms. She advised to pay attention to the moles that are asymmetrical, have uneven boundaries, changed color or became more than an eraser on a pencil.

the feed of the failure of the house of the house allows you to track changes in the appearance of the body. Scientists from the South-Western Medical Center of Texas University in Dallas found that the presence of a small amount of belly fat increases the risk of developing heart disease even during normal weight. Thus, the probability of calcium deposits in the arteries turned out to be twice as high as the owners of unnecessary volumes in the field of waist compared to slim people. This leads to the formation of plaques that increase the risk of a heart attack. To avoid similar consequences, the dietologist Dahlia Campbell recommended to reduce the reception of carbohydrates and increase consumption of lean meat, vegetables and fruits, and also start playing sports.

Specialists also found out that, looking at the naked body, a person can fix his posture. “Undress, stand sideways to the mirror, straighten the spine and take your shoulders back. Imagine that the rope pulls your top to the ceiling and pulls the belly to the spine. Do it regularly, and you will develop muscle memory. Over time, you will have a good posture.” – Receiver the director of the Bristol Physiotherapy Clinic Richard Briknell (Richard Bricknell).

In addition, doctors recommended more often to walk without clothes to observe the appearance of rash, bruises and edema. This will help you to apply for help if the appearance is clearly deviated from the norm.

In August, the scientist revealed the danger of the daily soul. Chemist Bruce Green explained that frequent washing with soap or gel for the soul flies with an acidic mantle with epidermis – a mixture of sebum and sweat that protects against malicious microorganisms.

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