Violence in Guadeloupe: ARS denounces “physical aggressions of health professionals”

The Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Monday night, the creation of a “dialogue body”, in order to convince and accompany itself, humanly “the professionals concerned by the immunization obligation.

Le Monde with AFP

The Regional Health Agency (ARS) of Guadeloupe alerted, Monday, November 22, “on the physical aggression that health professionals suffered in recent days while they were going to treat fathers, mothers and children of Guadeloupe “.

“It is not acceptable,” says the institution that denounces, in a statement, “pump rifle” threats, a “attempted car-jacking”, a doctor “held in play with a rifle on the temple at the exit of its emergency custody at the level of a dam “or” pharmacist attacks “.

The ARS quotes “HAD vehicle occupants [Hospitalization at home] taken over by armed persons on the evening of November 20”, a “right of way claimed at blocking points”, a “Course-pursuit in the parking lot” from a clinic.

“Complaints are systematically deposited and prosecutions will be committed,” says the ARS communiqué, which denounces the effects of the health of the sick. “The postponement of their care can be dangerous” and the waiting times at the dams expose to “the degradation of the person’s health status”.

The ARS still warns about the “condition of isolated, old or disabled persons who were able to find themselves alone at home because their children or their housekeepers could not come to eat or sleep with them” .

Jean Castex announces the creation of a “dialogue instance”

The Prime Minister Jean Castex, condemned “with the most extreme firm” the violence that erupted since this weekend in Guadeloupe. “I’m now calling for calm and responsibility,” said the leader of the government on Monday night, at a press conference after its videoconferencing maintenance (Jean Castex is positive at CVIV-19), in the presence of ministers of health, Olivier Véran, and Overseas, Sébastien Lecornu, with all elected officials of the island.

“The requirement of firmness must also be accompanied by a necessary dialogue to hear and understand our fellow citizens who wonder in good faith,” Mr Castex continued. He also announced the creation of a “dialogue body”, in order to “convince and individually accompany, humanly”, the professionals concerned by the immunization obligation.

“A mission from the Ministry of the Interior will be at work on the spot tomorrow [Tuesday] to examine with them the ways and means to allow the deployment conditions of the vaccination obligation and also discuss the subjects The functioning of the Departmental Fire and Rescue Department of Guadeloupe “, continued the head of government, while firefighters are part of the vibrant forces of protest.

The Guadeloupe has been shaken, for a week, by a movement originating in the dispute of the vaccine obligation for certain personnel. The situation has degenerated in social crisis punctuated by many violence. Fires and looting have been held for several nights; The police and firefighters are regularly targeted, while a curfew has been imposed since Friday evening until Tuesday morning, every night from 18 hours to 5 hours.

Reinforcements of police officers and gendarmes sent from metropolis, including fifty members of the units of the National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN) and RAID, arrived on Saturday night on the island.

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