Kama-Sutra or position abuse

Is Kama-Sutra spent fashion? It’s possible. Since 2004, Google’s research associated with this word have been divided by 15 in France, and by 10 in the world. No particular event associates with this tumble: the curve collapses slowly and inexorably. Just like collapse our passion for sexual positions: interest divided by 40, flat encephalogram.

The youngest will probably have trouble believing it, but when I was a teenager (RIP the 1990s), the positions were the big deal. We traded the stories (largely imaginary) of our sexual prowess: how much were there positions, found in which magazine, interviews in which movie? (I accurately preclude some humans born without the Internet.) Had we tried the drunk boat, the wheelbarrow, the lotus? Could we imagine new ways to reach orgasm (or break your back)?

It must be said that the previous generation had carefully prepared the ground. Author Frédéric Dard, under the pseudonym San-Antonio, had doted in 1949 his novels of loving sexual inventions: “The crank box opener, the snorkeller, the Palanquin Mongol, the Bulgarian song, the jump of The death, the pianiss of Warsaw, the tailor chisel, the folds folded, the blow of the feather, the Indian dance, the Greek rogue … “(the list continues for two pages, to savor in the ball of Rombières). In 1968, Gainsbourg sang 69, erotic year. In 1986, in his cult album, the 110 pills, the Magnus draftsman made the Bedphiles “the spiral, the corkscrew, the saddle of the Moor, the girandole, the pivot, the grid, the faithful divorce, the small cage … “

Same passion in the Anglo-Saxon countries, since in 1972, the English author Alex Comfort entered the 70 consecutive weeks in the top 5 Bestsellers of the New York Times with his manual the joys of sex … essentially devoted , you guessed it, at the positions.

From fascination with indifference

It is in the light of these successes that the current situation must be observed: in half a century, we have gone from fascination with almost total indifference. Including in the guardians of contemporary pornography: on Pornhub as on Youporn and Xvideos (the three largest platforms of X), there is simply no category related to sexual positions.

Would we be tired? Well, there would be something. You have certainly crossed the kama-sutra homo, solo, vibro, declined in daily challenge, calendar of the Advent, Coloring notebook, to cats, dogs or frogs, not to mention the versions devoid of any relationship with the Choukraut: Kama-Sutra chocolate or toilet paper, Kama-Sutra of the Fitness, Brittany or cooking recipes, and as it progresses in embarrassment, coca-sutra versions, Karma- Sutra, cookie-sutra …

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