In Estonia, they offered to strengthen border with Russia

The Committee of the Government of Estonia on State Security proposed to temporarily strengthen the part of the border with Russia with the help of a wire bar. It is reported by the press service of the Estonian Cabinet of Ministers.

The appropriate offer was made in connection with the migration crisis on the border of Belarus with Lithuania and Poland.

According to the Prime Minister of Estonia Kai Callas, currently the border of the country does not threaten anything, but the authorities need to be prepared for preventing potential threats. “Estonia consistently strengthens its external border, and the installation of a new barrier is part of the plan,” she noted.

Estonian’s Interior Minister Christian Jaan also added that the installation of barriers only accelerates the planned arrangement of the border with Russia. He stated that the temporary barriers will be provided with those places where the largest number of attempts to illegal border crossing were previously observed.

On November 8, several thousand migrants from the Middle East accumulated at the border of Poland and Belarus and attempted a breakthrough to the territory of the European Union (EU). Hundreds of refugees were also seen from the Belorussian-Lithuanian border. In exacerbation of the migration crisis in the West, Minsk accused and began to discuss the introduction of new sanctions.

Estonia began work to strengthen the border with Russia in July 2020. Complete the arrangement of the border zone of the republic’s authority to 2027. The cost of all work is estimated at 130.5 million euros (about 10.8 billion rubles).

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