Opposition political party released perfumes with “Socialism smell”

Samajwadi Opposition Party (Samajwadi) in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh began to produce his perfume with the “Socialism smell”, transfers RT.

In the perfume included staples of saffron and sandalwood. Deputies believe that when using these two ingredients, persistent associations with socialism are caused. The idea of ​​producing its own fragrance came in an attempt to attract the attention of voters to its campaign.

The leader of the Achilesh Yadav party (Akhilesh yadav) noted that the perfume is designed to embody their left politics. He was called “the aroma of socialism.” People will start using spirits and feel the “smell of socialism,” he is sure. “It will put an end to hatred in 2022,” said politics.

Perfumes displayed a recipe for a new fragrance for four months. The spirits include 22 ingredients: rose, jasmine, sandalwood, saffron and other elements from the whole country. On red-green packaging, a party logo, a bike, and a photograph of the leader movement were published. The party called on its members to actively strangle before meetings.

Earlier guitarist Rock band Queen Brian May (Brian May) in collaboration with the founder of the Xerjoff brand Sergio Momo (Sergio Momo) began selling perfume with the smell of the badger. Money from selling fragrance will go to protect wildlife.

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