In pollution prey, New Delhi announces closure of its schools for a week

India’s capital announced on Saturday that officials should telecommut, as well as private employees, to deal with air pollution that has reached alarming levels.

Le Monde

“From Monday, schools will be closed for children to breathe polluted air,” said SATURDE in La Presse the Chief Minister of Delhi Territory, Arvind Kejriwal.

Officials must be in teleworking, private companies have been invited to recourse as much as possible. Construction will be stopped for four days, from Sunday, to stop polluting emissions from outdoor sites.

The most polluted city in the world

Friday, pollution levels in New Delhi ranged in the “Severe” area, which led the Central Pollution Control Board to launch a health alert. The incineration of agricultural waste in New Delhi’s neighboring states continues, despite a prohibition of the Supreme Court.

populated by 20 million inhabitants, the territory of Delhi, which includes the Indian capital, is the most polluted in the world according to a report of the Swiss organization IQAIR Posted in 2020, because of its factories, road traffic and agricultural fires on each winter.

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