Release of a step-by-step computer game Rusted Ruins 0.11

Released Version Rusted Ruins 0.11 , a cross-platform computer game in the genre Roguelike . The game is used by pixel art and typical for the Rogue-Like genre mechanisms of gaming interaction. According to the plot, the player hits an unknown continent filled with ruins who stopped the existence of civilization, and, collecting artifacts and fighting with enemies, collects information about the secret of lost civilization. The code extends under the GPLv3 license. Ready packages formed for Linux (DEB) and Windows.

Despite the early version of the game, the following functions are implemented:

  • good expansion due to the public resource format, which allows the community to add their characters, locations and artifacts;
  • ready-made card editor;
  • programmable dialogs and events;
  • random Generation of dungeons;
  • crafting and preparation system, allowing you to create new items;
  • Realized cities and mining.

Developer Plans – Implementation Sophisticated Naming Character Scheme (NPC), Disability of Allies, Urban Implementation Economy and animal husbandry.

In the new version:

  • Product damage is realized after a certain time;
  • Added several types of containers;
  • fractions and single NPC allies;
  • White animals;
  • for the character Added levels and characteristics.

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