Laurence Tubiana: “Greenwashing is today new climate denial”

One of the working dowels of the 2015 Paris Agreement and Executive Director of the European Climate Foundation warns of ads not fairly concrete and too distant made at COP26.

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has two days of the official end of the United Nations Climate Conference (COP26), in Glasgow, Scotland, marked by an ad vortex, Laurence Tubiana calls on States and companies to more credibility and transparency. The Executive Director of the European Climate Foundation warns that the “Greenwashing” makes “weigh a risk” on the Paris Agreement on the 2015 climate, of which it is one of the architects.

The British Presidency of COP26 has published a first draft decisions on Wednesday 10 November in the morning. What is your reaction on these texts?

On the pane of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, there are good elements, and it is probably the best that we can get at this stage: the reminder of what Science, an appeal to increase the climate commitments of the countries from 2022, for those who are insufficient, or the call to accelerate the release of coal and the end of subsidies to fossil energies.

But this draft decisions is unbalanced on the financial component. Nothing is said on how to compensate for the gap for developing countries, while developed countries will not succeed in mobilizing in-time $ 100 billion [87 billion euros] per year on which they had committed. And texts are low on how to help South countries adapt to climate change. There is also a flexible language: we are on the invitation rather than on the requirement. This is a version close to what the United States is asking for. Would we have had a more European version, it would have been more restrictive.

To what diplomatic games are expected from countries to weigh on the final decision?

There will be a recovery to more ambition on finance and adaptation, especially under the pressure of small islands or the Africa group. Conversely, it would also not be surprising that India returns to the exit of coal. This is a point that may not hold until the final decision. It is also known that there are many exchanges between China and the United States on these texts, and China has shown some flexibility on the need to increase climate commitments as early as 2022. The European Union, for its part, did not have a very active speech, or made a new text proposal.

What assessment Should you shoot COP26 until now?

There were a lot of ads, on coal, methane, forests. Although many of these sectoral coalitions are interesting and necessary, they are all volunteers, they always concern a small group of actors and not all, and they are sometimes a little swollen. The $ 130,000 billion announced by 450 banks, insurers and investors to finance the energy transition are probably more virtual than real.

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