Leaders of French far right pose to Viktor Orban

The Hungarian Prime Minister has planned to talk with Marine Le Pen, Tuesday, in Budapest, after receiving a visit to the undeclared candidate Eric Zemmour in September. An appointment succession to the shared electoral interest.

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Finally, she will meet Viktor Orban. Marine Le Pen arrives Monday 25 October in Hungary, where she must be welcomed Tuesday by the nationalist prime minister in his offices, before a lunch and a common press conference. In recent years, there are many far-right leaders in Europe to make the pilgrimage of Budapest. They are received on its magnificent terrace that dominates the Danube, or taken to the border with Serbia, where a high fence of several meters was built in 2015 to stop migrants. At this game, M me le Pen is almost late.

 Eric Zemmour arrives for a meeting with the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in his offices, in Budapest, September 24, 2021.
Eric Zemmour arrives for a meeting with the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in his offices, in Budapest, September 24, 2021. Gergely Bessenyei / AFP

The candidate for the French presidential election has long been waiting for his interview with Hungarian. His entourage pressed the team of Mr. Orban to set the date after discovering, mid-September, that Eric Zemmour had dropped his own head-to-tête with the ultraconservative leader, as well as his niece, Marion Marshal. According to internal sources at the national rally (Rn), Marine Le Pen hoped to fail the appointment Zemmour-Orban by missioning a collaborator with the Hungarian power, in vain.

These meetings in Budapest respond to crossed electoral interests. Mr. Orban will also face a ballot in April 2022, a legislative election that promises to be extremely tight and which will take place at the same time as the French presidential election. In this context, each West European leader confirming his apocalyptic vision is welcome. Marion Marshal and Eric Zemmour had attended at the end of September at his great “peak of demography”. Both had spread their admiration for Hungary and their convictions of the reality of a “big replacement” and a “tyranny LGBT lobbies and minorities”.

They had shared a lunch with Katalin Novak, Hungarian Minister for the family, at the end of which all three had treated their exit side by side, and then displayed in front of their proximity cameras. The former journalist of Figaro Briguent L’Elysée came to develop his image as presidential – Marion Marshal offered him a mediated boost by stating that the “second round scenario” of 2022 was not played. She aspired, as for her, to make himself known from the Hungarian chant of “the illiberal state”, that she admires and cites in the model of leader of a “real democracy”. A member of the Orban Government would have found a presidential stature at the Director of the Institute of Social Sciences, Economic and Political Sciences (ISSEP), would like to let a relative person know.

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