In US Congress, called to impeachment by Bayden

Representatives of the Republican Party in the US Congress demanded to dismiss American President Joe Bayiden because of the errors made in the conclusion of troops from Afghanistan. It is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to a statement by a member of the House of Representatives Lauren Bobert.

In the document, the text of which was published by the HUFFPOST correspondent Chris d’ANGELO (Chris d’Angelo) in its account in Twitter , Bobert accused Bayden in “intentional neglect of the duties of the president, violation of the constitutional oath and the inability to ensure US National Security.”

Congressman also stressed that when the troops are derived from Afghanistan, expensive equipment was left in the country, but there were no investigations on this fact. In addition, Bobert called for the resignation and vice-president of the United States Camala Harris. According to the Republicans, Harris should have shifted Biden from the post and take his place, and her indecision and incompetence led to the death of Americans in Afghanistan.

This is not the first call for impeachment by Biden against the background of the situation in Kabul. At the end of August, with such a proposal, he served in the administration of the former US President Donald Trump postpramed position in the UN Nikki Haley (Nikki Haley). She accused the existing American leader in that he would not cope with the situation in Afghanistan. Other congressmen joined it.

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