Government was shown by Russian analogues Instagram*, Tiktok and Zoom

The government got acquainted with the Russian “killers” Tiktok and Instagram*, which belongs to the META prohibited in Russia. This was reported by RBC with reference to sources.

The Cabinet of Ministers examined the analogues of popular foreign services that will receive grant support. It is these sites, as noted, should replace those that became either inaccessible or limited to the functionality for Russian users.

According to sources of RBC, the following projects were among the submitted and previously approved by the government:

Instagram* will replace Looky social network from Motivational Solutions LLC. The authors claim that their goal is to return the audience to the usual environment. The functionality is the same – photos, videos, stories, the ability to promote your business. Developers expect to attract not only Russians, but also users from Belarus, Kazakhstan, united Arab emirates, etc. There is a nuance – in this social network they want to introduce automatic premotiation of content. More than 160 million rubles are needed to finalize the project in the next four years, upon receipt of financing the first version will be shown in 2024.

Tiktok offered to replace the Sunlight Play from the Grigl Sunlight Play. The product description used the words “useful social network” and “maintaining information sovereignty when working with youth.” The functionality is the same. Developers ask for a grant of 200 million

Zoom place can take the service of the corporate video link New: TrueConf Enterprise 2.0 from TKS JSC. The authors claim that he will be able to support more than 1 million users. Target audience: large business, authorities, law enforcement agencies, doctors, teachers, etc. It is necessary to continue working on it 129 million

Another analogue of Zoom is the Dion service from the Innotek Group of Companies. Its development requires a grant of 255 million

The sources of the publication also note that the projects have not yet received grants, and so far it is impossible to say for sure that there will be funding. In addition, with further study, the amounts may change.

/Media reports cited above.