Windows 11 gains new Copilot feature

Microsoft announced the addition of new functionality in Windows 11 – Copilot artificial intelligence -assistant. The assistant will be integrated into the operating system and is available from the taskbar for all applications and programs.

“As soon as you open Copilot, it will constantly be displayed in the form of a side panel on the screen, acting as your personal assistant,” said Pano Panay, head of the Windows department and Microsoft devices. “He turns each user into an advanced user, helping you perform actions, set up parameters and easily switch between your favorite applications.”

Copilot can analyze the contents that you view in the applications, make a short presentation, reformulate or explain it. It is very similar to the dialog box that is in Bing Chat, so you can ask him general questions and what you usually ask the search engine.

He will not replace the search line on the Windows 11 task panel and will be placed next to it by a separate Copilot button, just like Cortana had its own place on the taskbar at Windows 10. Copilot is a “personal assistant”, according to Microsoft, according to Microsoft Which is very reminiscent of the way Microsoft called Cortana a “personal assistant in productivity.”

Since Copilot is integrated into Windows, you can also do things like asking the assistant to “configure my parameters so that I can concentrate” or perform other actions on the computer. This is much more than a simple link to Bing Chat, which Microsoft added to the task panel earlier this year.

Since Copilot is built on the same bases as Bing Chat, Microsoft even allows developers to expand the plugins written for Bing or Openai ChatGPT. This opens Windows Copilot for many new features that developers create for ChatGPT and BING, as well as for future improvements that will be automatically transferred to Windows Copilot.

Microsoft hinted to create functions of artificial intelligence in Windows over the past six months, after Panay said in January that “artificial intelligence will change how you do everything in Windows.” Many expected Microsoft to wait until the next large version of Windows, but the company is clearly moving forward with its ambitions on Windows AI.

Microsoft will begin to test Windows Copilot publicly in June before spreading it wider among existing Windows 11.


Previously, Microsoft introduced Bing Chat – a new service for communicating with artificial intelligence through a Bing search engine. Bing Chat allows users to ask any questions and receive answers from the AI-agent in a natural language. Bing Chat can also generate various types of content, such as poems, code or essays.

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