Drought in France: What water restrictions apply in your department?

Golf, swimming pool or watering, the prefectures have multiplied the decrees to limit the use of water on their floors, while a scorching episode extends over the east of the country, increasing the risk of drought in France.


Almost all of France is concerned. Wednesday, August 3, 93 departments out of the 96 in the metropolitan territory, were the subject of a restriction limiting the uses of water. Thursday, two departments, Creuse and Nièvre, joined the list of departments classified in a situation of “crisis”, bringing their number to sixty-two. Four are on alert, twenty-seven on reinforced alert. In question, scorching episodes and an increasingly intense risk of drought.

According to the government site propluvia , all The departments with the exception of Paris, Hauts-de-Seine and Seine-Saint-Denis, are placed on drought alert on Thursday. To cope with this situation, the prefectures multiplied the decrees during the summer in order to limit the use of water in their departments. The restrictions taken apply according to the severity of the drought and are divided into four categories.

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