Release of NetworkManager 1.38.0 network configurator

Available Stable release of the interface to simplify setting up the network parameters- NetworkManager 1.38.0 . plugins to support VPN, OpenConnect, PPTP, OpenVPN and Openswan are developed as part of their own development cycles.

-based innovations NetworkManager 1.38:

  • The logic of choosing the source address was processed in the presence of several IP addresses on the network interface. The rules for determining the priority for IPV6 addresses are made to compliance with the rules previously applied for IPV4. For example, if there are several addresses on the network interface that have the same metrics, a higher priority will receive the address indicated by the first (earlier the last address was selected for IPV6). Statically set addresses always have a higher priority compared to addresses configured automatically.
  • When setting up Wi-Fi, the use of frequencies that are not allowed in the user’s country (previously shown all frequencies supported by the equipment, but attempts to use unlicensed frequencies were blocked at the nucleus level).
  • In the implementation of the access point, a random selection of frequency (channel numbers) is provided to reduce the likelihood of conflicts. The possibility of turning on the unsupported SAE (WPA3 Personal) mode was removed.
  • The capabilities of the NMCLI RADIO command, used to disable transmitters (transfer to the “Flight” mode). When starting without arguments, the team displays a list of radio devices available in the system, such as wireless modems or Wi-Fi adapters. In the new version when displaying Rfkill, a clear indication of the lack of physical wireless equipment is provided.

  • In NMCLI, a conclusion of warning about the use of the WEP algorithm that has safety problems and disconnected by some distributions in the WPA_SUPPLICANT package has been added. When assembling WPA_SUPPLICANT without WEP support, the release of the corresponding diagnostic information is provided.

  • increased reliability of checking the operability of the network connection and ensured the correct processing of the situation of the return of several addresses when resolving the name of the tested host.
  • The NMCLI Connection command has been added operation “Migrate” to simplify the translating of the system with outdated IFCFG settings (/etc/system/network-scripts/ifCfg-*, used in Fedora Linux) for the Keyfile file format.
  • Added support for routes with the type “ throw “.
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