Release PowerDns Authoritative Server 4.6

I saw the light Release authoritative (authoritative) DNS server PowerDns Authoritative Server 4.6 designed to organize the return of DNS zones. data project developers, PowerDNS Authoritative Server serves approximately 30% of the total number of domains in Europe (if you consider only DNSSEC signatures , then 90%). Project code extends under the GPLV2 license.

PowerDNS Authoritative Server provides the ability to store domain information in various databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL , SQLITE3, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server, as well as in LDAP and regular text files in BIND format. The response can be additionally filtered (for example, to screen spam) or redirected with connecting your own handlers in Lua, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, C and C ++. The features are also allocated for remote collection of statistics, including SNMP or via Web API (for statistics and management built-in HTTP server), instant restart, built-in engine for connecting handlers in the LUA language, the ability to balance the load taking into account the geographical location of the client .

Basic innovations :

  • implemented support for the Proxy protocol headers in incoming queries, which allows you to start the load balancer in front of the PowerDNS server, while saving information about IP addresses connected to balancing, such as DNSDist.
  • Added support for the EDNS cookies mechanism ( RFC 7873 ), which allows you to identify the correctness of the IP address through the Cookie exchange between the DNS server and the client for the purpose of protecting from spending IP addresses, DOS attacks, using DNS as a traffic amplifier and cache poisoning attempts.
  • in the utility pdnsutil and API Added new interface for managing servers autoprimary used for Automation Deploying and Updating Zones on Secondary DNS servers without manual configuration of secondary zones. It is enough to determine for a new domain the primary zone on the AutoPrimary server and the new domain will automatically pick up the secondary servers and configure the secondary zone for it.
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