European Union began negotiations with Taliban

Representatives of the European Union held a two-day dialogue with militants of the Taliban movement in the capital of Qatar Doha (a terrorist organization forbidden in Russia). Reports about it “Interfax”.

in the European foreign policy service clarified that negotiations do not mean recognition from the EU temporary government of Afghanistan, but are part of the operational interaction in the interests of the EU and the Afghan people.

During the Taliban dialogue, they confirmed the promise to ensure the safe passage of foreign citizens and Afghans who wish to leave the country, and asked for help in maintaining airports. Both sides also expressed serious concern to the deterioration of the humanitarian situation with the approach of winter. The European Union declared its intention to continue to assist in needing Afghans.

The need to start negotiations with the movement of the Taliban, who established power in Afghanistan, was referred to the EU Supreme Representative on Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrel. “Taliban now for us become inevitable interlocutors in the negotiations. We should provide our presence in Kabul and try to avoid our other powers,” the diplomat then said. According to him, what happened in Afghanistan became a tragedy for Afghans and a failure for the West countries. He also noted that the Taliban victory over the Afghan government should draw conclusions so that this does not happen in other states.

also Borrel stated that the leaders of the European Union countries are ready to cooperate with the Taliban, if the new rulers of Afghanistan will comply with a number of rules. Among the conditions for the potential interaction of the EU and Taliban, he called the provision of free access to humanitarian aid for Afghans, as well as compliance with the fundamental human rights and principle of the rule of law. He noted that Afghanistan under the rule of “Taliban” should not be a bridgehead for exporting terrorism to other countries.

/Media reports.