Poland: declared plans for radical buildup of military power

Polish authorities intend to radically increase the country’s military power. The RMF FM, the head of the ruling party of Poland “Law and Justice” (PIS), Yaroslav Kaczynski, was announced on such plans on the RMF FM radio station.

“We must strongly strengthen in militarily … I am talking about the radical strengthening of the whole army,” the politician stressed.

According to him, in the near future, relevant proposals will be directed to the lower chamber of Poland Parliament (Sejm). Then they will be submitted to the Senate of the Republic. Kaczynsky clarified that it is also about increasing the number of the army, and the increase in the fleet of military equipment and the amount of weapons.

In July, the Minister of Defense of Poland Mariusz Bleschak (Mariusz Błaszczak), commenting on the purchase of American Tanks “Abrams”, wanted to place them in the Smolensk Gate – on the plain that covers the territory of Russia and Belarus. Then the military department first published, and then removed the video from the television speech, in which Blazkak spoke about it.

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