Hundreds of unknown substances found in electronic cigarettes

Explorers from the United States found thousands of unknown substances in aerosols of electronic cigarettes, as well as compounds that are not declared by manufacturers. The article of scientists has been published in the journal Chemical Research in Toxicology.

Previous studies of electronic smoking tobacco products stop their attention to the content of toxic substances present in “ordinary” cigarettes. However, researchers from Jones Hopkins University decided to establish a complete set of chemicals contained in liquids and in electronic cigarette aerosols. Scientists used the method of liquid chromatography and high-resolution mass spectrometry, previously used only for analyzing the content of organic substances in wastewater, food and blood.

Researchers analyzed liquids with tobacco scents in four known brands of electronic cigarettes – MI-SALT, VUSE, JUUL and BLU. They found more than two thousand compounds, most of whom are unknown. Of those that the teams were able to identify, six were potentially dangerous. Three of this number were never previously found in electronic cigarettes. In two products found caffeine, which, according to researchers, may additionally stimulate users. In addition, researchers have found two industrial chemicals and pesticide.

also researchers discovered similar hydrocarbons connected to the combustion process, which, according to manufacturers, does not occur during the Weiping process.

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