Upgrading Doglinux Assembly for equipment check

Updating a specialized assembly of the distribution kit doglinux (Debian Livecd in Puppy Linux style) built on the batch database Debian 11 “Bullseye” and intended for testing and maintenance of PCs and laptops. The composition includes applications such as GPTest, Unigine Heaven, Ddrescue, WHDD and DMDE. Distribution allows you to check the performance of the equipment, load the processor and the video card, check the SMART HDD and NVME SSD. The size of Live image downloaded from USB drives, 1.1 GB (Torrent ).

In the new version:

  • Base system packages are updated to Debian 11.
  • release.

  • updated Google Chrome 92.0.4515.107.
  • in sensors.desktop Added the current frequency of all processor cores.
  • Added Radeontop Monitoring Utility.
  • Added 2D video drivers X.org Xserver-Xorg-Video-AMDGPU, Radeon, Nouveau, Openchrome, FBDev, Vesa added.
  • in initrd eliminated errors to determine the desired version of proprietary video drivers (if there is more than one video card NVIDIA, the code now works correctly).

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