In United States declared problems of deck aviation of Russia

In the United States called the main problems of the aircraft of the deck aircraft of Russia. Insufficient combat load SU-33 and low flight range MiG-29K interfere with them to become the main tools for projection of force. The authors of the portal 19FortyFive came to this conclusion.

The author of the material notes that heavy aviance cruisers (TAVKR) have created for the protection of extensive borders of the USSR (TAVKR), which combined the functions of the aircraft carrier and carrier of anti-workers missiles. Initially, Yak-38 aircraft were based on ships, but the insufficient characteristics of the aircraft led to its write-off.

The replacement of Yak-38 was the Su-33 aircraft, which is a modification of the Su-27. The deck plane received an upgraded chassis, a folding wing and an al-31f3 engine. Su-33 also got the opportunity to effectively attack surface targets.

SU-33 was too large for the Deck of the brand “Admiral Kuznetsov”, and his arsenal does not allow fully fulfilling the functions of the shock aircraft. This makes the Su-33 “non-visual” as the main deck fighter of the brand, summarizes the author.

In 2009, the Naval Fleet of Russia decided to replace the Su-33 on the MiG-29K as the main deck aircraft. This will increase the activated brand to 36 aircraft. In 19FortyFive, they called such a decrease solution, which is due to the worst maneuverability and a smaller flight range of MiG-29K. At the same time, a new aircraft has a large arsenal of funds to combat terrestrial targets and a modern Radar “Zhuk-ME”.

In August, it became known about the shift of the repair of the brand “Admiral Kuznetsov”. The ship will be held next year. This is due to severe weather conditions in which preparation for the procedure is being prepared.

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