Russia: exercises began with tu-160 rocket mines

In Russia, the flight-tactical teachings of long-distance aviation began in Russia from different regions of the country with Tu-160, Tu-95ms and IL-78 aircraft. It is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

teachings will last until July 9, under the leadership of the Commander of the Far Aviation, Lieutenant General Sergey Kobysh.

“Aviation units of long-distance aviation, stationed in Saratov, Amur, Irkutsk and Ryazan regions, raised anxiety in the framework of planned flight-tactical teachings,” the report says.

The crews have to work out the relocation of aviation equipment on operational airfields, flights with refueling in the air and the combat use of aviation means of lesion for ground targets on landfills. About 20 units of aviation technology will be involved, including strategic rocket people Tu-160 and Tu-95ms, IL-78 airplanes.

June 24 reported that Russian long-range supersonic rocket bombers with a wing of a variable sweatshirt of Tu-22m3 during the exercises “Skilled” the aircraft carrier in the Pacific Ocean. On June 30, the Minister of Defense of Japan Nobuo Kish was worried about the actions of the Russian military on the Kuril Islands, in particular on the island of Kunashir.

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