Virtuozzo Linux 8.4 Distribution Issue, aimed at replacing CENTOS 8

Virtuozzo, which develops server software for virtualization based on open projects, published Release of the Distribution Virtuozzo Linux 8.4 , built by rebeling the source texts Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4 packages. The distribution is fully binary compatible and identical to functionality with RHEL 8.4, and can be used for transparent replacement of solutions based on RHEL 8 and CENTOS 8. To download Available ISO images, the size of 1.6 GB and 4.2 GB .

Virtuozzo Linux is positioned as a replacement of CentOS 8, ready for workshops. Previously, the distribution was used as a basic operating system for the Virtuozzo virtualization platform and various commercial products developed by Virtuozzo. Now Virtuozzo Linux is supplied without restrictions, free and develops with the community participation. The accompaniment cycle corresponds to the update release cycle for Rhel 8.

Changes in Virtuozzo Linux 8.4 fully comply with changes in RHEL 8.4, including support for working on top of TCP in VPN IPsec based on LiBreswan, stabilization of the NMSTate Declarative API to manage network settings, ANSIBLE modules for automating role-based access control (RBAC) in IDM (Identity Management), AppStream modules with new python 3.9 branches, SWIG 4.0, Subversion 1.14, Redis 6, PostgreSQL 13, MariaDB 10.5, GCC Toolset 10, LLVM Toolset 11.0.0, Rust Toolset 1.49.0, Go Toolset 1.15. 7.

Alternatives to the classic CentOS 8, except for VZlinux, Almalinux is also positioned (developed by Cloudlinux, together with the community), Rocky Linux (develops by the Community under the CENTOS founder with the support of the specially created CTRL IQ) and Oracle Linux. In addition, Red Hat has provided the possibility of free use of RHEL in organizations developing open software, and in the environment of individual developers consisting of up to 16 virtual or physical systems.

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