Belarus will hold military exercises at boundaries of Lithuania and Poland

In Belarus, the first stage of checking the territorial defense of the Grodno region began. This is reported by “Sputnik Belarus” with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic.

During it in the Most Soviet area of ​​the Grodno region, which is located near the borders of Poland and Lithuania, will form a territorial defense headquarters and a motorized rifle battalion. It has 200 military-rich citizens who have passed the urgent service and are in stock.

At the end of the first stage of testing, military exercises will hold military exercises. During them, territorial troops together with employees of the internal affairs bodies will work out actions on the protection and defense of objects, as well as conducting reconnaissance and search operations.

In October during the second stage of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus will check back nine areas of the Grodno region.

It is noted that the troops of the territorial defense of citizens call only in the event of a war or a tense military-political situation in the country.

In June, exercises were held in Mogilev, during which the Belarusian authorities checked the work of urban enterprises in military time. As part of the tests of the Armed Forces of Belarus “prevented” the transition of urban economy for military rails, imitating the seizure of buildings, as well as the destruction of infrastructure and transport.

In May, the country had a sudden check of the combat readers. It was noted that the order of semi-second person and one hundred units of technology, including tactical complexes and missile systems of the salvo fire, should take part in maneuvers and launches.

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