Ukrainian military ranks changed to NATO standards

The military ranks in the Ukrainian army were brought into line with the military rank codes NATO . This was reported at site Ministry of Defense of the country.

Changing the system of ranks in the army to the standards of the North Atlantic Alliance STANAG 2116 is one of the points of the Concept of the military personnel policy of the country’s Armed Forces, calculated until 2025. According to Defense Minister Andrei Taran, the project should completely change the “Soviet-style” system to the modern one adopted in the armies of the leading states.

The concept provides for the creation of a career map for each serviceman. The document will contain information about his preparation, professional growth, and so on.

The course towards NATO membership is enshrined in the constitution of Ukraine. The project involves the transfer of the entire security and defense sector of the country, including industrial production, to the standards of the Alliance.