UK loosened sanctions against Crimea

Great Britain made a relaxation in the sanctions imposed on Crimea. About this reported on the website of the United Kingdom government.

According to the published general license, the State Unitary Enterprise “Crimean Sea Ports” can transfer transit payments for the passage of its ships through the Kerch Strait and anchorage – in the event that a ship urgently enters the port, it must pay for it. Moreover, in accordance with the sanctions imposed by the European Union, the operator cannot make payments for the services of the ports of Sevastopol or Kerch.

Persons planning a payment to the State Unitary Enterprise “Crimean Sea Ports” should inform the British regulator of compliance with the sanctions regime – OFSI.

EU , the US and a number of other countries have imposed anti-Russian sanctions due to the entry of Crimea into Russia in 2014 and the aggravation of the situation in the south-east of Ukraine. Economic restrictions are regularly extended.

In the summer of 2019, the Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to UN Karen Pierce considered the situation with Ukrainian citizens in Crimea disastrous. According to her, Ukrainian citizens living in Crimea are in a “desperate situation” as they are denied access to basic social services.