KDE Applications 20.12.1 released

Introduced the January Cumulative Update of Applications (20.12.1) developed by the KDE Project. In total, within the framework of the January update 224 releases of programs, libraries and plugins have been published . Information about the availability of Live-assemblies with new releases of applications can be obtained on this page .
Also the other day a patch release of Plasma 5.20.5 desktop has been published , which fixes the accumulated bugs.

Notable What’s New in KDE Applications 20.12.1:

  • The first significant release of the Neochat 1.0 messaging program was released and was reviewed in late December.

  • Add-on has been released KIO Fuse 5.0.0 a >, which allows any application to access files on external hosts. KIO Fuse uses the FUSE mechanism to reflect external files in the local filesystem, which allows working with remote storages not only from programs based on the KDE frameworks, such as Kate and Dolphin, but also from applications based on other frameworks, for example, from LibreOffice. KIO Fuse is already included in the base distributions of openSUSE Tumbleweed and KDE Neon.
  • A corrective release is available development environment KDevelop 5.6.1 , which adds support for Python 3.9 and GDB 10, fixes issues leading to crashes.
  • The number of applications that have new releases synchronized with the KDE Apps include a health tracking program MyGnuHealth , gKGeoTag and conference scheduling system Kongress .
  • In the Dolphin file manager, crashes when opening tabs were injured.
  • Okular document viewer can open files in Markdown format.
  • Gwenview now correctly saves image quality settings in JPEG format.
  • Fixed issue with showing colors for bold text in Konsole terminal emulator.

  • XMPP client Kaidan
  • /Release. View in full here.