Thousands of truckers stuck on border with France

In the British county of Kent, thousands of truckers were forced to spend Christmas in trucks. They are stuck as France closed its border over a new strain of coronavirus. The British organized themselves and fed the drivers affected by the collapse reports The Sun.

It is reported about five thousand trucks, because of which it was necessary to use the emergency parking at the local airport. Some trucks left it after Boxing Day December 26, as drivers began to actively test for infection, but another 1600 cars are trapped.

In total, more than 15 thousand tests were carried out and only 36 of them were positive. The ministry of transport stated that the main traffic has already been unloaded, but truckers still continue to arrive due to the holidays. To speed up the process, the military was brought in for testing.

Local residents, including members of public organizations, showed mercy and organized hot meals for the drivers. The Coast Guard also joined in, reporting 3,000 hot meals, 600 pizzas, nearly 3,000 packed lunches and 17 bottles of water for truckers.