Not again, but again: Lastpass again became victim of hackers

The developer of the popular password manager Lastpass said that he began an investigation into the hacking of the cloud storage, which he used with his subsidiary Goto.

“We recently discovered unusual activity in the cloud service of storage of a third -party provider, which is currently used by Lastpass and the subsidiary of GOTO” – said General Director Lastpass Karim Tubba.

To penetrate the cloud storage, hackers used the data obtained during the August incident.

However, there are good news – company representatives said that customer passwords did not fall into the hands of cybercriminals and remain securely encrypted thanks to the architecture of Lastpass Zero Knowledge.

Lastpass reported the incident law enforcement agencies and hired by Mandiant specialists to investigate the cyberurin Cine. The company emphasized that it will continue to introduce additional security measures to detect and suppress further hacker attacks.

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