Gynecologist Emile Darai indicted for “voluntary violence” on thirty-two women

The former head of the gynecology-obstetrics at Tenon Hospital and recognized specialist in endometriosis was indicted on November 23 for “voluntary violence by person responsible for a public service mission” at the ‘regard for thirty-two complainants.

by Lorraine de Foucher and Lucie Soullier

One tells a “surprise” rectal touch. Another having howled him “stop”, without him stopping. Another still have felt his sutures crack. They are around thirty to have filed a complaint against Emile Daraï, former head of the gynecology-obstetrics at Tenon Hospital in Paris. Wednesday, November 23, the 66-year-old endometriosis specialist was indicted for “voluntary violence by person in charge of a public service mission” with regard to thirty-two complainants.

It is also subject to judicial control with “prohibition of contact with victims” and “prohibition to practice private consultations in gynecology”. At the beginning of December 2021, after an internal survey of the Public Assistance-Hospitals in Paris, he had been dismissed as head of service but continued his consultations.

At the same time, a year ago, he was put into police custody in the premises of 2 e district of Paris judicial police. In his hearings that Mo12345lemonde was able to consult, Emile Daraï swept all the accusations. What was criticized by these women was “delusional”, “incomprehensible”, “unthinkable”. He would be the “scapegoat” of a “political settlement” and “influences”. Some would be delighted that his hospital “collapses”.

To the police captain who hears it, he also tells the sustained pace of his days, between the operating room, his meetings of “one of the biggest obstetric gynecology services in France”, his work Research and his consultations, which he figures at sixty per week, or 2,500 patients per year. “In general, I do three consultations at the same time with three boxes, he explains. That is to say that in a box, there is my chief of clinic, in another, [one Gynecologist] and in the third, an intern. So, I go from one box to another. “

“dishonored”, the professor recalls his long career: “chief of clinic in digestive surgery”, “chief of clinic in obstetric gynecology”, “professor in gynecological surgery”, “president of the recommendations of the college of gynecologists and obstetricians “,” First in France to create an expert center in endometriosis “… or forty years devoted to the defense of women”, he specifies during his third hearing, adding that he was “one of the rare to oppose virginity certificates “, a” promoter of abortion [voluntary pregnancy interruption] “, and that his work had even received the support of Simone Veil. “It’s monstrous for me to hear that.”

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