Reports for sectarian drifts up more than 33 % in France

According to the latest Miville report, this increase in 2021 is due for many to COVVI-19 and to the Internet development of unconventional therapies.


Twenty years after his birth, the interministerial mission of vigilance and the fight against sectarian aberrations (Miviludes) observes a sectarian phenomenon both in strong growth and changing. According to its last report, which will be published Thursday, November 3, it appears that the number of reports increased by 33.6 % in 2021 compared to the previous year – and 86.1 % if we compare to 2015 – to stand at 4,020 on last year.

According to Sonia Backès, Secretary of State for Citizenship, these reports to Miviludes are only “the emerged part of the iceberg”. As for the nature of the sectarian phenomena reported to Miviludes, it has changed. The multinationals (Church of Scientology, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Sect Moon, etc.) are always very present, but “the sectarian landscape is larger, more segmented and more moving”, specifies the Mivierudes report. “It is a gaseous phenomenon where websites and people appear, disappear, come back under another identity, etc.”, underlines M me backs, which regularly recalls that his own mother fell into Scientology nets when herself was 10 years old.

The new 2.0 gurus promise to cure serious illnesses thanks to alternative therapies based on breathing (total abstention of food and drink), suction cups, mindfulness meditation or even crudivorism but, in fact, dangerous for health. They lead to the abandonment of chemotherapy or other essential treatments and are similar to endangering others. Another example: the followers of the “sacred feminine” who dissuade from consulting for painful rules. AntiVAX propaganda also exploded during the COVVI-19 pandemic.

“anger and fears”

A controversy had broken out in September after the indication of the presence on Doctolib of a naturopath, Irène Grosjean, who advised to rub the genitals of babies in cold water to lower their temperature in the event of fever. Arrested on the subject, the platform had ended up raft it. “Thanks to the work that we carried out with Doctolib, 6,000 references of health professionals not recognized by the State were abolished by Doctolib”, welcomes Christian Gravel, Secretary General of the Interministerial Committee for the Prevention of Delinquency and Radicalization and president of Miviludes.

At the origin of this explosion of sectarian aberrations in the field of alternative health, the pandemic of COVID-19 which, estimates Miviludes, “destabilized many people losing bearings” and the possibilities offered by the social networks. Still according to the report, this phenomenon is the “reflection of a real social crisis tinged with isolation, questions, anger and fears”.

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