Microsoft’s Surface Pro X Criticized for Accessibility Issues

Surface Pro X Tablet users from Microsoft have become victims of an unpleasant failure in the work of their cameras. About this The Verge with reference to complaints on the Reddit forum. The tablet camera refuses to work since May 23 and gives the error “0xa00f4271 (0x80004005)” ².

Surface Pro X is a top model of Microsoft tablet based on ARM chip. The reason for the failure of the camera has not yet been established. According to users, the problem may be associated with the expiration of the security certificate in Windows.

Some users have found a temporary solution to the problem, which consists in changing the date and time in Windows on May 22 or earlier. After that, the tablet camera begins to work normally². However, this method can lead to other problems with authentication when using some services and sites. Therefore, it is recommended to wait for official correction from Microsoft.

This is not the first time that the cameras on the Surface Pro devices cause problems for users. Last year, the owners of Surface Pro 7 complained that the tablet camera did not work at Zoom and Skype. Then the reason for the failure was conflicts between different applications using the camera, or incorrect confidentiality settings in Windows or applications. Problems with drivers or antivirus software are also possible.

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