NixOS 23.05 Distribution Released with Nix Package Manager

NixOS, a distribution based on the package manager Nix, has released version 23.05, implementing several advancements to simplify the setting and support of the system. The complete installation image is available in KDE, GNOME, and an abbreviated console option, with sizes ranging between 2.3 and 2.4 GB.

One of NixOS’s unique features is that the entire system setting takes place through a single system configuration file, simplifying rollbacks to previous versions. Support for switching between different states of the system, and individual user package installation is also welcomed in the new version. Additionally, users can utilize several program versions with reproducible assemblies.

The result of package assembly in NixOS is stored in a separate submarine in /NIX/Store, with subdirectories containing a package’s dependencies and assembly instructions. Users can install packages by downloading a preassembled image, or by invoking the package manager to build the package from scratch, in which case the resulting assembly is stored in /nix/store.

In the new version of NixOS, 16240 packages have been added, 13466 packages removed, and 13524 packages updated. Innovations in the system include updates to Systemd, Glibc, GNOME, Cinnamon, and KDE, as well as an update to the Linux kernel from version 5.15 to 6.1. A wide range of new services has also been added, such as Deepin Desktop, Budgie Desktop, SFTPGO, LLDAP, IVPN, OpenVSCODE-SERVER, ULOGD, and WSTUNNNEL.

NixOS now supports specification PEP 668 to prevent conflicts between Python packages installed for the entire system and packages installed through the distribution’s manager. Furthermore, the new release features an added Nixos-Rebuild utility, which includes a “–specialism” option for changing specializations for the Switch and Test commands.

Finally, the new version of NixOS includes an option for generating a boot specification for each system, called Boot.json. This feature allows NixOS to support UEFI Secureboot, work with multiple Initrd, standardize bootloader installation scripts, and apply diagrams to rotation of working disk sections.

NixOS’s package collection is available in the nixpkgs repository, and the system can be downloaded from their website.

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