Release Chrome 114

Google has recently announced the release of its latest Web-browser, Chrome 114. The stable release of the free project, chromium, which acts as the basis for Chrome, is also available at the same time. It is important to note that the Chrome browser differs from chromium, using the chromium for a system sending a notification in case of collapse, modules for playing a Digital Rights Management (DRM) video content, an automatic installation system of updates, and constant inclusion of Sandbox insulation. It also supplies the key to Google API and transmission when searching for RLZ parameters.

The Extended Stable branch is separately supported for those who need more time to update and is accompanied by 8 weeks. The next issue of Chrome 115 is scheduled for July 18.

Some of the main changes in Chrome 114 include the expansion of the capabilities of the Google Password Manager, which is now designed as a Progressive Web App (PWA) application and available through the “Chrome:// Password-Manager” page. The first-level browser menu also has a button for opening the password manager, while a grouping of similar passwords has been implemented.

Additionally, there is an improved check process, and an option has been added to the settings to place a separate label on the desktop to quickly open a separate password manager interface. The password manager interface is also redesigned when the icon in the address bar is pressed. Furthermore, detailed information can now be seen in the password list and users can copy login/passwords to the exchange buffer and edit the preserved note.

The gradual promotion of the updated interface of the side panel for working with bookmarks, which offers filter installation, method of sorting change and editing by place, has also begun.

All these enhancements, as well as others, make Chrome 114 a more stable and efficient browser. For more information on the updates, visit the main changes, in 114.

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