CIA Unveils AI System for Open Data Analysis

The American Central Intelligence Directorate (CIA) is preparing to launch a new tool based on artificial intelligence similar to ChatGPT, to optimize data from open sources, Bloomberg reports.

This step is aimed at improving the efficiency of analysts in the process of studying open intelligence. It is planned that an innovative tool will be offered not only to CIA employees, but also to other American special services.

According to Bloomberg, the initiative to create an AI tool is part of the extensive government campaign of the United States to use the possibilities of artificial intelligence in the light of competition with China, which seeks to become a global leader in this area by 2030.

The new CIA tool will allow users to see the source source of the information viewed, said the director of the CIA unit Randy Nixon. “Then you can go to the next level, and start communicating, and ask questions to the machines that will give you answers also received from [open] sources,” he added.

It does not specify which model will underlie the new development and how to protect information from getting into the open Internet will be ensured. However, it is noted that the CIA actively expands partnerships with the technological sector in recent years.

The tool will be available for 18 agencies of the American intelligence community, including the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the National Security Agency. However, access to it for politicians or the public will not be provided.

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