Issue LabWC 0.7.2 Released

Available Issue Labwc 0.7.2 (Lab Wayland Compositor) is now released, developing a composite server for Wayland with capabilities resembling a window manager openbox (the project is presented as an attempt to create an alternative to OpenBox for Wayland). The main features of LABWC include minimalism, compact implementation, wide settings, and high performance. The project code is written in the language of SI and subject under the license gplv2.

The library is used as a library wlroots, developed by the developers of the user environment and providing basic functions for organizing the work of a composite manager based on Wayland. The expanded Wayland protocols supported include WLR-OUTPUT-Management for configuring output devices, layer-shell for organizing the work table shell, and Foreign-Toplevel for connecting custom panels and window switches.

Superstructures can be connected with functions such as creating screenshots, displaying wallpaper, placing a panel and menu. Animated effects, gradients, and icons (excluding window buttons) are not supported. X11 applications can be launched on the Wayland protocol using the DDX component xwayland. Design themes, basic menus, and hotkeys are configured through configuration files in XML format. Built-in support for high pixel density (hidpi) screens is available.

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